Murmures à la jeunesse de Christiane Taubira


Written on 5/11/2016 by Turenne

Murmures à la jeunesse

"la terre est ma patrie et l'humanité, ma famille"

~  Khalil Gibran

Par la danse, je montre le chemin du mieux-être intégral qu'est le mouvement conscient. Dans ces murmures à la jeunesse, Christiane Taubira questionne l'intégrité de nos mouvements.

C'est dans l'intégrité de nos mouvements que nous dansons notre vie en équilibre et harmonie sur les fils complexes qui trament les vibrations de nos sociétés. 

Cette phrase de Salma Hayek, le coeur de la liberté, c'est le courage, m'a mise en questionnement.

Ces murmures à la jeunesse de Christiane Taubira met d'autant plus le questionnnement en relief

Quelle sorte de courage nous mène au coeur de la liberté ? Qu'est-ce que l'essence du courage ?

Le courage de l'intégrité de nos mouvements, plus qu'un murmure, est le coeur de la liberté.

Nan Dòmi par/by Mimerose P. Beaubrun


Written on 4/02/2016 by Turenne

Nan dòmi,
le récit d'une initiation vodou

Un cadeau d'amour à l'humanité...

Nan Dòmi est une magnifique danse de l'art de la parole avec la simplicité des coeurs sincères pour offrir une étude authentique de la conscience en éveil par la voie du vodou.

Nan Dòmi en éveil...

"...le vodou a une pratique publique extérieure - de rituels et de cérémonies-, mais également une dimension mystique intérieure qui a plus vocation à être pratiquée en privé...

Avant Nan Dòmi, les travaux sur le vodou se sont concentrés sur la première, c'est-à-dire la dimension publique, extérieure, de la religion et des us et coutumes qui l'entourent. Mimerose P. Beaubrun s'est proposé, tout d'abord, d'effectuer un travail du même ordre.

Mais après quelques décennies d'étude et de recherche, elle a perdu toutes ses notes, cassettes, photos et brouillons dans une inondation. Il ne restait plus rien que le noyau essentiel de ce qu'elle avait appris et intériorisé dans un lieu où ni feu ni eau ne pouvait le détruire.

Nan Dòmi est le seul récit offert au public jusqu'à présent d'une pratique du vodou privée, mystique, intérieure... Mimerose P. Beaubrun a étudié le vodou pendant la moitié de sa vie, mais elle en est aussi une adepte et dans son ouvrage d'une valeur inestimable, elle se dépouille de tout apparat universitaire pour parler du coeur même du vodou."

(Source: Extrait de la préface de Madison Smart Bell, traduit par Danièle Robert)

"Sonje leve bonè
wa wè leve a douvanjou"

~ Pwovèb kreyòl

Nan dòmi, An Initiate's Journey into Haitian Vodou

A gift of love to humankind...

Nan Dòmi is a beautiful dance in the art of story telling with the simplicity of sincere hearts to delve in better understanding of awakening consciousness through Haitian Vodou.

Awake in Nan Dòmi

"From the moment when I began to enter Nan Dòmi, I discovered inner resources that I did not know I possessed. Driven by a force I could not identify, I was compelled to concentrate on everything that I "saw" in my dream states. 

Little by little I developed a second mode of "paying attention": Dreaming became an art. That art combines the attitudes which, guided by a particular kind of control, can make you tumble into another mode of consciousness." 

The 4-Hour Workweek by Tim Ferriss


Written on 3/10/2016 by Turenne

The 4-Hour Workweek

A different approach to the leadership games

The 4-Hour Workweek by Tim Ferris

Can you afford only four hours of work during a week time?
This is the lifestyle deal Tim Ferris is offering...

"The 4-Hour Workweek has now been sold into 35 languages. It's been on the bestseller lists for more than two years, and every month brings a new discovery.

The 4-Hour Workweek Lifestyle DEAL

From the Economist to the cover of the New York Times Style section, from the streets of Dubai to the cafes of Berlin, lifestyle design has cut across cultures to become a worldwide movement. The original ideas of the book have been broken apart, improved, and tested in environments and ways I never could have imagined.

Families and students? CEOs and professional vagabonds? Take your pick. There should be someone whose results you can duplicate. Need a template to negotiate remote work, a paid year in Argentina, perhaps? This time, it's in here...

What's the worst that could happen...

Take a deep breath and let me show you my world...

...Hope for the best and plan for the worst..."

Dance Spirit Danse Art by Uziri Arts, Cherish Art, Unixstyle and Monica Stewart


Written on 2/27/2016 by Turenne

Dance Spirit Danse Art : Selection 3

Maiden Women Dance, hand-painted oil painting | artpreneure-20

hand-painted oil painting
Cherish Art (4 panels)

African Dancers, hand-painted oil painting | artpreneure-20
African Dancers,
Unixstyle (4 panels)
Dance of Joy I, poster art print by Monica Stewart | artpreneure-20
Dance of Joy,
Monica Stewart (24 X 32)

Vibrant Masai Women Print | artpreneure-20
Masai Women,
Uziri Arts (13 X 19)

These hand-painted oil painting poster prints are beautiful dance art, inspirations gifts, to warm up all places and keep the dance spirit's presence glowing softly with their high symbolism. 
Available here

...Inspirations always to dance life...

Ces toiles & affiches sont de magnifiques cadeaux d'inspirations  agenda danse qui donneront une belle touche de chaleur à toute pièce ainsi qu'une présence tout en douceur de l'esprit de la danse par leur grand symbolisme. 
Vous pouvez vous en procurer une ici

...Inspirations toujours pour danser sa vie...

Penti ak postè sa yo se bèl kado enspirasyon atizay dans k'ap mete bon jan chalè ak yon prezans dous, lespri danse, ak fòs senbolik yo. 
Ou ka jwenn younn isit la

...Enspirasyon toujou pou nou danse lavi...

Motherpeace by Vicky Noble


Written on 2/26/2016 by Turenne

A Way to the Goddess through myth, 

art and tarot

A different approach to the leadership games

Motherpeace by Vicki Noble | artpreneure-20
Vicki Noble challenges us to celebrate
our ancient peaceful heritage
and to reclaim our right
as a people to a life without war.

Motherpeace was written as if I was talking to four particular friends. In this diverse group. the first friend is a feminist sister who, in addition to the struggles to improve the quality of our everyday lives, wants to recover a vision of the Goddess and the kind of society that would honor her.

My second friend uses a traditional tarot deck, as millions do, but is excited to hear about a wholly new set of tarot images that, while drawing upon tradition, recast it to embody more fully the lives and aspirations of women.

While working on the book, I also kept in mind a third friend. Strongly visual, she records and meditate on her dreams and, like others influenced by Jung, seeks to deepen her knowledge of myth as a way of understanding her own psyche and the dramas being acted out around her.

This bring us to the fourth member of my imaginary audience - a friend who is deeply concerned about the lack of peace in the world and, in particular, about the numbing prospect of a "nuclear exchange". No longer believing that the system will cure itself, he wants to explore vision of society other than the patriarchal one now dominant.

In response to the concerns of these friends - who, of course, are also part of myself - I have addressed the issue of personal and global peace in a positive spirit, through pictorial images, against a background of myth and art that date from an age when the Goddess was still the joy of humankind's desiring.

Through these images, and through feminist scholarship, I share a vision of hope and transformation - a vision based upon our expanding knowledge of ancient Goddess-worship, and also upon my own experience as an artist, activist, healer, and teacher of yoga.

Source: Vicki Noble's preface of Motherpeace

Ancestral Voices to Explore World African Ancestry


Written on 2/25/2016 by Turenne

 Explore World African Ancestry with

Ancestral Voices: Esoteric African Knowledge

A different approach to the leadership games

An educational documentary spanning two continents, opening up a much-needed debate about traditional African spiritual systems; their cosmologies, ideologies and underlying ethical principles.

Modern science no longer refutes the origins of mankind being in Africa and similarities in the cosmological ideologies of African esoteric systems with those found in many established world religions today suggest that it was not only people that migrated, but also concepts and themes that then provided the bedrock for the formation of other religious faiths.  

Ancestral Voices Memory; my artwork 1988, Tilarenn
Ancestral Voices Memory:
My Artwork, 1988, Tilarenn
The documentary aims to shed light on a topic shrouded in much mystique, negativity, superstition and ignorance, to allow for informed discourses on the subject without fear of persecution or oppression.

Through video interviews, a range of individuals of different faiths in the United Kingdom share their experiences, knowledge and perceptions of these systems in relation to other established religions and mainstream media coverage of them. 

Traditional shaman from the Greater Accra, Eastern and Ashanti regions in Ghana, West Africa, are also interviewed to provide authentic accounts of their cosmologies, practices and esoteric spiritual systems.

Source: Ancestral Voices: Esoteric African Knowledge Plot Outline

 More information :

1.  Ancestral Voices Esoteric African Knowledge DVD

2.  Ancestral Voices: Esoteric African Knowledge Documenary Series  

3.  Ancestral Essence Community

African Dance by Kariamu Weish Asante


Written on 2/24/2016 by Turenne

African wedding celebration dance in Zamundan from the epic Coming To America
African wedding celebration dance in Zamundan
from the epic Coming To America

The presence of African dance nowadays is prevalent everywhere. What are African dances? I can't answer that question in a few words. It is an art that stems from wide cultural, historical, political and social context.

African dance: An Artistic, Historical and Philosophical Inquiry by Kariamu Weish AsanteThe title of my definition essay on the subject is "Let me dance", because definition really doesn't matter. 

What matters is to be whole, is to find balance and harmony, is to listen.

Let there be dance so we can listen to our body. Somehow, we don't know anymore how to listen... we research, we review research...

It's all good!

This research inquiry by Kariamu Weish Asante, I particularly find worth sharing...

African dance ethnology

We are into the realm of dance ethnology. I embrace passionately dance ethnology because I can tell about ourselves in a new light. Dance ethnology shows a different way people are making history around the world, the history of Being in balance and harmony with all there is.

Kariamu Weish Asante in this inquiry is celebrating African dances by giving us a treat through the words of great scholars, practitioners and African dance ethnologist such as Pearl Primus and Doris Green.

 More about African dance gifts :

1.  African Dance & Cultue & Danse africaine...  

2.   African Dance Articles   

3.  African Dance and Dance Spirit Quotes

Ti Nikola an Kreyòl, Sempé ak Goscinny


Written on 2/16/2016 by Turenne

Yon ti tounen nan memwa timoun nou ak istwa
Ti Nikola

Ti Nikola - Kreyòl La Renion

 Ti Nikola - Kréyòl Gwiyanè

Ti Nikola - Kreyòl Matinik

Ti Nikola - Kreyòl Gwadloup

Mwen te konn li Ti Nikola an fransè epi mwen te renmen ti nèg sa anpil.

Mwen vin' kontan wè yo pibliye l' nan kreyòl kèk zile zantiy yo.

Mwen espere nou tout konprann kreyòl ayisyen m' nan epi n'ap pran plezi menm jan avè'm pou nou li nan lanng nou istwa ti gason fwonte sa.

Liv yo pa tradwi mo pou mo. Istwa yo transpoze avèk, egzanp... non vil zile yo, fwi zantiy yo...

Liv yo gen sis bèl istwa Ti Nikola an kreyòl ak vèsyon fransè-a k'ap swiv.

Ou ka koute yon ti pale ak Anne Goscinny (fransè), pitit fi otè-a, ki devlope zèv yo nan lanng kreyòl kèk zile zantiy yo.

Ou ka jwenn liv yo isit la.

...Enspirasyon toujou pou nou danse lavi...

A Testament Of Hope by Martin Luther King Jr.


Written on 1/19/2016 by Turenne

A Testament Of Hope
The Essential Writings and Speeches
of Martin Luther King Jr.

A different approach to the leadership games

"Take the first step in faith. You don't have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step."

Martin Luther King Jr. 

A Testament Of Hope by Martin Luther King Jr.

Make A Testament of Hope by Martin Luther King Jr. Yours

I learned more about Dr. King and his philosophies by reading his actual words than I could have learned reading a history or biography. I was surprised to learn that Dr King's journey was a long one even before civil rights movement, that he studied many schools of philosophical and religious thought.

I was deeply impressed by his gifts with language, the ability to convey ideas in ways anyone can understand, and to inspire...

I you are interested in human rights questions, I recommend reading this piece by piece, though it is a large volume. So much of what King said isn't limited to the movements of 50 years ago, but to the ongoing struggle for human dignity and equality.

 Other resources :

Dance Spirit Danse Art by/par Albert Fennell, Picasso, Judith Levin and Mary Beth Freet


Written on 12/22/2015 by Turenne

Dance Spirit Danse Art : Selection 2

Selection 1
Sisters In Dance poster print by Albert Fennell | artpreneure-20
Sisters In Dance Poster Print 

Albert Fennell (23 X 32)

After the Dance poster print by Judith Levin | artpreneure-20        Dance Of Youth by Picasso | artpreneure-20        Inspire Me Believe Stretched Canvas Art by Mary Beth Freet | artpreneure-20

             After The Dance                Dance Of Youth             Believe Canvas for kids                      Judith Levin (10 X12)         Picasso (24X36)          Mary Beth Freet (18 X 24)          

These poster prints are beautiful dance art, inspirations gifts, to warm up all places and keep the dance spirit's presence glowing softly with their high symbolism. 
Available here

...Inspirations always to dance life...

Ces affiches sont de magnifiques cadeaux d'inspirations agenda danse qui donneront une belle touche de chaleur à toute pièce ainsi qu'une présence tout en douceur de l'esprit de la danse par leur grand symbolisme. 
Vous pouvez vous en procurer une ici

...Inspirations toujours pour danser sa vie...

Postè sa yo se bèl kado enspirasyon dans k'ap mete bon jan chalè ak yon dous prezans lespri dans ak fòs senbolik yo. 
Ou ka jwenn younn isit la

...Enspirasyon toujou pou nou danse lavi...

La danse des femmes par Rosina-Fawzia Al-Rawi


Written on 12/21/2015 by Turenne

La danse des femmes

"...offrande altière... danse altière, solaire, intègre toujours..."

~  Nadia Makhlouf par Alexandre Demidoff

La danse des femmes, Rosina-Fawzia Al-Rawi, artpreneure-20

La danse orientale rencontre un vif succès de nos jours, mais en connait-on le sens?

Sait-on que cette danse s’ancre dans une tradition millénaire? 

Véritable ode à la danse des femmes, ce livre offre également une description claire et précise des poses et mouvements de la danse orientale ainsi que de leur signification symbolique.

Rosina-Fawzia Al-Rawi nous montre ainsi comment cette danse peut aider les femmes à retrouver une harmonie intérieure, à travers le ressenti de chaque partie de leur corps et l’ouverture à leur espace intérieur de vie, de vibration et de joies.

Née à Bagdad, en Irak, Rosina-Fawzia Al-Rawi a été initiée dès sa plus tendre enfance à la danse orientale et à la tradition soufie. Elle présente ici pour la première fois la signification spirituelle profonde et la dimension universelle de cette danse des femmes.

Dance Spirit Danse Art by/par Patrick Ciranna and Alfred Gocjkel


Written on 12/20/2015 by Turenne

Dance Spirit Danse Art : Selection 1

Selection 2

La Dance Poster Print by Patrick Ciranna | artpreneure-20

La Dance Poster Print 

Patrick Ciranna (20 X 24)

Star Dance Poster Print by Alfred Gocjkel | artpreneure-20Moon dance Poster Print by Alfred Gocjkel | artpreneure-20Sun dance Poster Print by Alfred Gocjkel | artpreneure-20

         Star dance Poster Print     Moon dance Poster Print     Sun dance Poster Print                       Alfred Gocjkel (16 X 20)               

These poster prints are beautiful dance art, inspirations gifts, to warm up all places and keep the dance spirit's presence glowing softly with their high symbolism.
Available here
...Inspirations always to dance life...

Ces affiches sont de magnifiques cadeaux d'inspirations agenda danse qui donneront une belle touche de chaleur à toute pièce ainsi qu'une présence tout en douceur de l'esprit de la danse par leur grand symbolisme. 
Vous pouvez vous en procurer une ici
...Inspirations toujours pour danser sa vie...

Postè sa yo se bèl kado enspirasyon atizay dans k'ap mete bon jan chalè ak yon dous prezans lespri dans ak fòs senbolik yo. 
Ou ka jwenn younn isit la
...Enspirasyon toujou pou nou danse lavi...

Hard Times Require Furious Dancing by Alice Walker


Written on 12/15/2015 by Turenne

Hard Times Require Furious Dancing, Alice Walker, artpreneure-20

This collection of new poems is written especially for the times we’re living through. Alice Walker is known throughout the world as not only a great writer but an activist and a woman who shares the inner turmoil and outer struggles of her life.

Hard Times Require Furious Dancing Is A Collection Of Activist Art Poems to heal our hearts and touch our souls...

Readers admire her ability to bare her heart and soul, but to also speak out about the world as she sees it, often becoming a catalyst for change.

As the title, Hard Times Require Furious Dancing suggests, these poems were written during struggles and sadness and deal with the loss of siblings, the loss of a beloved, the estrangement in families, violence and struggles on the world stage, and the simple joy of life itself.

The words dance, they sing, they heal our hearts and touch our souls.”*

The Life And Times of LA MERI by Usha Venkateswaran


Written on 12/08/2015 by Turenne

The Life And Times of LA MERI

The Life And Times of LA MERI, Usha Venkateswaran, Amazon, artpreneure-20

Described as ''the indisputed queen of ethnic dance'' by Walter Sorrell, the dance writer, La Meri was long considered the leading American authority on the subject, particularly the dance of India and Spain.

The Life And times Of La Meri In The Early 19's

She toured the world at the height of her career, in the 1920's and 30's, studying and performing in South and Central America, Europe, Scandinavia, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Tasmania, India, Burma, Malaya, Java, the Philippines, China, Japan, Ceylon and Hawaii.

She founded the School of Natya with Ruth St. Denis in 1940 in New York, where she taught and performed with her company, the Five Natyas, and presented such guest lecturers as Pearl S. Buck, Coomaraswamy, Lin Yutang, Ted Shawn and Argentinita. Her book ''Spanish Dancing'', published in 1948, was considered by many to be the definitive text on Spanish dance.

Bow't Trail - Étape Martinique par Rhodnie Désir


Written on 12/02/2015 by Turenne tradition : un héritage vivant à préserver...

"C'est la vie qui donne la vie" ~ Khalil Gibran

Bow't Trail - Etape Martinique avec Rhodnie Désir

La tradition m'interpelle toujours car c'est le creuset de l'humanité. Dans la découverte des danses traditionnelles, la mémoire du corps révèle ce que les mots ne peuvent exprimer, une culture incarnée, et ravive l'essence intemporelle des êtres.

le BOW'T TRAIL retrace à rebours l'héritage marquant des peuples africans et afro-descendants dans 40 pays, un magnifique voyage au coeur du contemporain dans les traditions en danse.

"Dans chacun des pays, je poserai 10 jours d'actions contemporaines pour un cumul de 400 jours (40x10=400). Le tout, en référence symbolique aux plus de 400 ans de traite négrière."   

~ Rhodnie Désir

Diplomée en communications et en marketing (Université de Montréal, HEC Montréal), en lancement d'entreprise (SAJE Montréal Métro) ainsi que du Programme d'entraînement et de formation artistique et professionnel en danse africaine (Compagnie Danse Nyata Nyata), elle compte cinq oeuvres (VI, VI[REC], E'TA, BOW'T (2013) et AYEWA) ainsi qu'une étude chorégraphique (D2UST, 2015) à son répertoire.

Son oeuvre phare BOW'T (2013) est celle qui la fait rayonner tant sur la scène locale (Tournée du Conseil des Arts de Montréal, Sainte-Adèle et Ottawa), qu'à l'international (Burkina Faso).

Parallèlement, elle déploie ses qualités de femme d'affaires dès 2008 en mettant sur pied DÈZAM, une ressource d'action artistique et culturelle visant la vulgarisation des diverses pratiques et des cultures auprès de la jeunesse. Au total, plus de 2 000 initiatives ont été créées dans 21 commissions scolaires et municipalités du Canada.

Ayez à votre agenda-danse, cette grande aventure en commençant par la Martinique avec 11 formes de contributions plus avantageusement riches les unes que les autres :  (

et la page Facebook correspondante...
BOW'T TRAIL Communauté

l'équipe :

Danse Soul Dance  / Dance Quotes Danse Citations Pawòl Pale Kadans  / Nouvèl Aktivis Art News

Le Fou et le Créateur par Daniel Pons


Written on 11/14/2015 by Turenne

"Comprends, Créateur mon frère,
que tout ce qui est éphémère, sous peine de mourir brisé,
doit savoir sous l'impulsion du vent, danser !"

Daniel Pons

Le Fou et le Créateur de Daniel Pons sur Amazon | artpreneure-20

Le fou et le Créateur ne fut pas à proprement parler écrite : elle fut jaillie, transmise oralement à son épouse, qui la transcrivait immédiatement dans sa forme exacte.

Ainsi, Daniel Pons manifestait sa volonté de rompre avec le concept d'écriture, et montrait par la puissante inspiration de son verbe poétique qu'il est possible de "changer les pâles concepts que sont les mots en danseurs de cristal"

(Source :

Social Business avec/with Muhammad Yunus


Written on 10/18/2015 by Turenne

Vers un nouveau Capitalisme | Building Social Business

Vers un nouveau capitalisme de Muhammad Yunus sur Amazon/artpreneure-20

Qu'est-ce qu'un social business ?

Une entreprise qui gagne de l'argent mais dont le principe de maximisation du profit est remplacé par la maximisation du bénéfice social et environnemental.

Une entreprise qui sans verser de dividendes à ses actionnaires, vise exclusivement à apporter des solutions à des problèmatiques sociales, sociétales et économiques, en apportant de nouveaux services aux plus pauvres dans le respect de l'environnement.

(Source: Yunus Social Business Haiti)


Les premiers social business créés par le Groupe Grameen témoignent du contraire. La nouvelle révolution à laquelle nous invite le professeur Yunus ouvre la voie à un capitalisme plus juste et plus humain.

"Un dollar de charité n'a qu'une seule vie.
Un dollar de social business est éternel"

~ Muhammad Yunus

Building Social Business par Muhammad Yunus on Amazon/artpreneure-20

What is a social business? 

"Social business is a new category of business. It widens the market by giving a new option to consumers. It adds to the competition. It brings a new dimension to the business world and a new feeling of social awareness among the business community"

"Social business is a cause driven business. The impact of the business on people or environment, rather than the profit made on a given peridod measures the success of social business. Sustainability of the company indicates that it is running as a business. The objectives of the company is to achieve social goals."

~ Yunus Centre

In, Building Social Business, professor Yunus shows how social business can be put into practice and explains why it holds the potential to redeem the failed promise of free-market enterprises.

A different approach to the leadership games

Create An Online Business and thrive...


Written on 9/08/2015 by Turenne

Create an online business and thrive at any age. Simple! Real!

A different approach to the leadership games

I give all the details about my story with 

I just turned 50 years old. I am looking forward to another half century joyfully living my wildest dreams. I am totally focus! 

The learning process is in a high curve. I am pretty happy to feel more and more empowered. Still a slow walker, I have reach my 30 pages goal. Everything is set in 3 languages (English, French and Haitian Creole), proficient and user friendly.

Mastering a little more every day the art of presenting my smarts in the brightest shining light...

As a chrysalid, I am appreciating the value of my potential and how I am growing stronger, understanding and trusting more bodily that I have it all to reach my highest goal...

My foundation is beautifully laid! I am proud of the good work done, realizing  with heighten conviction to trustfully concentrate and write the greatest content.

Patiently, I am wisely appreciating better the tools readily available at my fingertips to transfer my passion into a fully profitable venture.

I am taking much better advantage of SBI! as a complete mentorship virtual program. It is the no nonsense homely place that timely delivers what I need to progress and thrive. 

See for yourself!

This is somewhat like an agenda starting with Create An Online Business On Your Own Terms.

SBI! Proof, online business software, All-In-One

Dance Your Way To Meaningful Profits & Achievements...

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