Motherpeace by Vicky Noble

A Way to the Goddess through myth, 

art and tarot

A different approach to the leadership games

Motherpeace by Vicki Noble | artpreneure-20
Vicki Noble challenges us to celebrate
our ancient peaceful heritage
and to reclaim our right
as a people to a life without war.

Motherpeace was written as if I was talking to four particular friends. In this diverse group. the first friend is a feminist sister who, in addition to the struggles to improve the quality of our everyday lives, wants to recover a vision of the Goddess and the kind of society that would honor her.

My second friend uses a traditional tarot deck, as millions do, but is excited to hear about a wholly new set of tarot images that, while drawing upon tradition, recast it to embody more fully the lives and aspirations of women.

While working on the book, I also kept in mind a third friend. Strongly visual, she records and meditate on her dreams and, like others influenced by Jung, seeks to deepen her knowledge of myth as a way of understanding her own psyche and the dramas being acted out around her.

This bring us to the fourth member of my imaginary audience - a friend who is deeply concerned about the lack of peace in the world and, in particular, about the numbing prospect of a "nuclear exchange". No longer believing that the system will cure itself, he wants to explore vision of society other than the patriarchal one now dominant.

In response to the concerns of these friends - who, of course, are also part of myself - I have addressed the issue of personal and global peace in a positive spirit, through pictorial images, against a background of myth and art that date from an age when the Goddess was still the joy of humankind's desiring.

Through these images, and through feminist scholarship, I share a vision of hope and transformation - a vision based upon our expanding knowledge of ancient Goddess-worship, and also upon my own experience as an artist, activist, healer, and teacher of yoga.

Source: Vicki Noble's preface of Motherpeace

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