The Life And Times of LA MERI by Usha Venkateswaran

The Life And Times of LA MERI

The Life And Times of LA MERI, Usha Venkateswaran, Amazon, artpreneure-20

Described as ''the indisputed queen of ethnic dance'' by Walter Sorrell, the dance writer, La Meri was long considered the leading American authority on the subject, particularly the dance of India and Spain.

The Life And times Of La Meri In The Early 19's

She toured the world at the height of her career, in the 1920's and 30's, studying and performing in South and Central America, Europe, Scandinavia, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Tasmania, India, Burma, Malaya, Java, the Philippines, China, Japan, Ceylon and Hawaii.

She founded the School of Natya with Ruth St. Denis in 1940 in New York, where she taught and performed with her company, the Five Natyas, and presented such guest lecturers as Pearl S. Buck, Coomaraswamy, Lin Yutang, Ted Shawn and Argentinita. Her book ''Spanish Dancing'', published in 1948, was considered by many to be the definitive text on Spanish dance.

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