The World of Dance Series by Elizabeth A. Hanley

The World Of Dance Series

"Dance as existed from time immemorial.
It has been an integral part of celebrations and rituals, a means of communication with gods and among humans, and a basic source of enjoyment and beauty" 

     ~  Elizabeth A. Hanley

The world of dance series provides a starting point for readers interested in learning about ethnic, or folk, dances of world cultures, as well as the art forms of ballet and modern dance.

The World Of Dance Customs and Traditions 

This series features an overview of the development of these dance genres, from a historical perspective to a practical one. Highlighting specific cultures, their dance steps and movements, their customs and traditions, underscore the importance of these fundamental elements for the reader. 

Ballet and modern dance, more recent artistic dance genres, are explored in detail as well, giving the reader a comprehensive knowledge of their past, present, and potential future.

The one fact that each reader should remember is that dance has always been, and always will be, a form of communication. This is its legacy to the world.

Introduction by Elizabeth A. Hanley 

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