Meditation Secrets for Women by Camille Maurine & Lorin Roche

"Meditation Secrets For Women

teaches you how to meditate with full access to the emotions and body wisdom that are part of the divine."
~ Christine Northrup, M.D., author of Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom

Meditation secretes for women, Camille Maurine, Lorin Roche, Amazon, artpreneure 20

...Nature designed us to blossom in the bodily state of pleasure.

When we give over to the basic need, every cell, every fiber of body and soul, can receive and come alive.

Something way down inside _ that primitive place underneath our everyday human personality_ is met and satisfied.

Touched and fed with pleasure, something awakens, like an animal purring into health and power, or a tender plant blossoming into vibrant colors.

Meditaion Secrets for woman, Camille Maurine

The simple pleasure of being completely at home with the body puts us in rapport with the ongoing rhythms of nature.

We have a tangible sense of ourselves as an organism within the larger natural environment_ connected, contained, safe.

As we relax in enjoyment within ourselves, we feel free to release, deep inside, into a condition of easy flow. The pulsings of breath and blood slow into a soothing dance. Our senses dilate; we feel closer to the processes of life...

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