THE YONI : Sacred Symbol of Female Creative Power by Rufus C. Camphausen

The Yoni 

Sacred Symbol of Female Creative Power

"Learning about the creative power of the Yoni, my sacred source of expression... I dance the Dance of the Femi9 Woman and love every movement..."  
The Yoni; Sacred Symbol of Female Creative Power

The term Yoni heralds from a culture and religion in which women have long been regarded and honored as the embodiment of the divine energy and where female genitals are seen as a sacred symbol of the Great Goddess.

From prehistoric times, our ancestors have envisioned and symbolically expressed the cosmic forces of creation, life, and death in representations of human genitalia. Fertility cults centered on phallic worship are well documented, but older and even more pervasive are the cults of the Goddess and her vulva.

The Yoni Worship 

In this lushly illustrated book, Yoni worship is shown to have been a part of the spiritual heritage in every part of the globe and may, in fact, be the most ancient religion of humanity.

This book traces this primal motif from its first surviving occurrence almost 30,000 years ago in Europe to its remnants and budding renaissance in contemporary language, art, and literature.

From the naturally occurring Yoni rock formations used as sacred places by indigenous Americans to the Indian temple of the menstruating Goddess, from the exhibitionist sheela-na-gig carvings of early Celtic churches to the ritual striptease found in Japan, The Yoni reveals Yoni imagery and veneration that spans many cultures and times.

The author also discusses Tantric practices, Near Eastern myths, and Tibetan visualization techniques linked to Yoni reverence. 

Illustrated throughout with some of the world’s finest and most diverse examples of Yoni artwork - from Georgia O’Keefe and Judy Chicago to early Aboriginal rock paintings in Arnhemm Land, Australia - The Yoni celebrates this universal icon of female creativity and the Source of All. 

Included is an appendix on “Yoni Language”, an alphabetical, cross-cultural lexicon as well as a glossary of terms.

The Yoni, Sacred Symbol Of Female Creative Power is a learned, beautiful piece of work that you can acquire here

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