Tango: The Art History Of Love by Robert Farris Thompson

Tango: The Art History Of Love, Robert Farris Thompson, artpreneure-20

From its syncretic evolution in the nineteenth century, partaking of European, Andalusian-Gaucho, and, unknown to many, African influences, to its representations by Hollywood and dramatizations in dance halls throughout the world, Robert Farris Thompson shows us tango not only as brilliant choreography but also as text, music, art, and philosophy of life.

Passionately argued; unparalleled in its research, its synthesis, and its depth of understanding; and written with revelatory clarity, Tango: The Art History of Love is a monumental achievement.

Tango: The Art History Of Love is a part of the history of dance that is indeniably a love affair, unique within latin dance gifts to immerse in a world by itself of quite intricate movements and backgrounds, yet accessible, fun and senseous.

Robert Farris Thompson is the author of, among other works, Black Gods and Kings and African Art in Motion. He has been a Ford Foundation Fellow and has mounted major exhibitions of African art at the National Gallery in Washington D.C.

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