The Dance Claimed Me: A biography of Pearl Primus by Peggy & Murray Schwartz

Dance is the fist whith which I fight
the sickening ignorance or prejudice..."

Pearl Primus

(Pearl Primus (1919-1994) blazed onto the dance scene in 1943 with stunning works that incorporated social and racial protest into their dance aesthetic.

The Dance Claimed Me, Pearl Primus, biography by Peggy & Murray Schwartz

In The Dance Claimed Me, Peggy and Murray Schwartz, friends and colleagues of Primus, offer an intimate perspective on her life and explore her influences on American culture, dance, and education. 

They trace Primus’s path from her childhood in Port of Spain, Trinidad, through her rise as an influential international dancer, an early member of the New Dance Group (whose motto was "Dance is a weapon"), and a pioneer in dance anthropology.

For The Dance Claimed Me, the Schwartzes interviewed more than a hundred of Primus’s family members, friends, and fellow artists, as well as other individuals to create a vivid portrayal of a life filled with passion, drama, determination, fearlessness, and brilliance.

The Dance Claimed Me one of the best dance gifts to explore activism through the art of dance.

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Tilarenn Solèy said...

PEARL PRIMUS, parcours inusité passion pour volonté et la témérité d'aller au bout de soi...le corps comme tremplin pour communiquer l'ÊTRE par la danse.... MON MIROIR... MON MODÈLE... j'approuve, j'admire et m'y retrouve...


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