Create An Online Business and thrive...

Create an online business and thrive at any age. Simple! Real!

I'm telling the story of my journey
 to create an online business and thrive with

"5 real bummers to avoid when we create an online business wisely"

A different approach to the leadership games

Create an online business and Thrive

I just turned 50 years old. I am looking forward to another half-century joyfully living my wildest dreams. I could have died many times over. Dance keeps me vibrantly alive and forever youthful. Now I want to be forever totally focused on what matters most! 

The learning process is on a high curve. I am pretty happy to feel more and more empowered. Still a slow walker, I am steadily building traction more and more accurately in 3 languages (English, French and Haitian Creole). You may visit to get a better idea how.

Mastering a little more every day the art of presenting my smarts...

Acting like a chrysalid, I am appreciating the value of my potential and how I am growing stronger, understanding and trusting more bodily that I have it all to reach my highest goal...

My foundation is beautifully laid! I am proud of the good work done. I am realizing with heightening conviction to trustfully concentrate towards my ultimate vision: Dances Spirit to Self-Conquest & Sacred Circles of Our Civilizations.

Patiently, I am wisely appreciating the tools readily available at my fingertips to transfer my passion into a fully profitable venture.

I am taking better and better advantage of SBI! as a complete mentorship virtual program. It is the no-nonsense homely place that timely delivers what I need to progress and thrive. 

"The quickest way to get where you want to go is to take one small step at a time... Most of us trip over our own weakness and block our own success. If you can recognize that, you can get it under control."

~ SBI Action Guide (Growth Hacking) 

All successful people overcome bad traits. Identify what's holding you back!

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