The Soul Of Leadership by Deepak Chopra

The Soul Of Leadership: Unlocking Your Potential For Greatness

A different approach to the leadership games

The Soul of Leadership, Deepak Chopra

Leadership is the most crucial choice one can make. It is the decision to step out of darkness into the light.

As a leader, your vision exists to be shared with enthusiasm and inspiration.

The word enthusiasm comes from the Greek root en-theos or "in God", reminding you that you must look in your soul.

Inspiration comes from the same Latin root as to breathe and spirit. When you inspire others, you bring everyone into the spirit of your vision, you motivate them to breathe together in the same atmosphere.

As I am speaking and you are responding and I am getting some feedback, our minds are dancing... 
~ Deepak chopra 

Leadership skills list:  

L:   Look and Listen 
E:   Emotional Bonding  
A:   Awareness 
D:   Dare to Dream a new reality and Do It  
E:   Empowerment 
R:   Responsibility 
S:   Synchronicity 

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