African Dance by Kariamu Weish Asante

African dance: An Artistic, Historical and Philosophical Inquiry

African tribal wedding celebration dance in Zamunda from the epic Coming To America
African dance tribal wedding celebration in Zamunda 
from the epic Coming To America, choreograph by Paula Abdul

The presence of dances originating from the continent of Africa, nowadays, is prevalent everywhere.

How do we define or recognize those dances from Africa?

I can't answer that question in a few words. These masterpieces of the art of movement stem from wide cultural, historical, political and social context.

African dance: An Artistic, Historical and Philosophical Inquiry by Kariamu Weish AsanteThe title of my definition essay on the subject is "Let me dance", because definition really doesn't matter.

What matters in the realm of dances from the African continent, is to be whole, to find balance and harmony, to listen.

It is OK to just appreciate and integrate the dance moves, such as in the epic Coming To America, for example. The trick is to really be in the moment and let the movements flow, let the body talk...

Let there be dance so we can listen to our body. Somehow, we often don't know anymore how to listen... We research and we review research...

It's all good! Relevant research can help demonstrate how dances in Africa are means to elevate our consciousness about the wisdom of our body and help us remember and reconnect to our vital essence!

This particular research inquiry by Kariamu Weish Asante, I truly find worth sharing...

African dance ethnology

We are into the realm of dance ethnology. I embrace passionately dance ethnology because it gives us a thorough mean to tell about ourselves in an alternative light that goes deep in the heart of humanity.

Dance ethnology shows a different facet of how people are making history around the world. It brings us the possibilities to dig into the stories of how we came to be and how we may achieve balance and harmony with all there is.

Kariamu Weish Asante in this inquiry is celebrating dances originating from the continent of Africa by giving us a treat through the words of great scholars, practitioners and dance ethnologist such as Pearl Primus and Doris Green.

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