Productivity For Creative People by Mark McGuinness

Productivity For Creative People

How to get creative work done in an "Always On" world

A different approach to the leadership games

Extract from the book details:
We are living in an age of unprecedented creative stimulation--via the internet, social media, all-pervasive technology, and an "always on" working culture.

Which means we are living in an age of unprecedented distraction from focused creative work--from all the same sources.

First, computers and the internet transformed the work we did at our desks. 

Then along came smartphones to transform our social lives and make our work mobile.

Productivity for creative people in an Augmented Reality

Now we have our work, our network, our media, and our social media with us wherever we go. Augmented Reality (AR) is layering more and more virtual elements over the physical world we inhabit, and Virtual Reality (VR) promises us escape to unlimited virtual worlds.

The pace of change is exciting, overwhelming, and unstoppable.

Downsides to your creative work

Creators are increasingly discovering a downside to the brave new world:
  • countless distractions and interruptions
  • endless email
  • anxiety about falling behind
  • difficulty concentrating
  • aches and pains from too much time at the keyboard
  • Dig a little deeper, and the biggest concern for many creatives is a nagging sense that their most important work is being left undone.

Creative Age Opportunities Challenges
If you're excited by the opportunities of the creative age, but worried about the effect of all those interruptions and digital distractions on your creative work, Productivity for Creative People has been written for you.

For the past twenty years, creative coach Mark McGuinness has helped hundreds of creatives like you to overcome these challenges.

A poet and creative entrepreneur, he is the author of Motivation for Creative People and Resilience: Facing Down Rejection and Criticism on the Road to Success. He is also a co-author of the bestselling books from 99U, Manage Your Day-to-Day and Maximize Your Potential.

Mark's latest book, Productivity for Creative People, is a collection of insights, tips, and techniques to help you carve out time for your most important work - while managing your other commitments. All the solutions he shares have been tested with real people in real situations.

You will learn:

  • How getting organized can make you more creative
  • Why multitasking doesn't work
  • How to tell if you're really overloaded - and what to do about it
  • The importance of panicking early
  • How doing nothing can make you more productive
  • The crucial difference between incubation and procrastination
  • How to carve out time for your most important creative work
  • Why boredom is necessary for creativity
  • What to do about all that email
  • How to nap like a NASA pilot
  • A simple technique to reduce smartphone addiction

Productivity for Creative People is the perfect guide to creating extraordinary work without (necessarily) disappearing to a cabin in the woods, or even giving up your smartphone.

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"Many creative people are busier than ever, but rarely get around to the work that truly matters. Mark McGuinness offers solid and practical advice for busy creative people who want to make their mark in the world."

~ Todd Henry, author of The Accidental Creative

"Authors now have amazing online tools to reach readers all over the world, but those same tools can distract us from the focused creativity that we love and that we need to write better books. In Productivity for Creative People, Mark McGuinness outlines a way of working that will help you sort out what's really important and achieve your creative goals, while still managing your daily tasks. Recommended for any author who is feeling overwhelmed."

~ Joanna Penn, bestselling author, and award-winning entrepreneur.

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